Transforming a barn into one’s own home - Ostra (AN)


Wood is a living, organic material and those who choose to build a wooden house certainly have, among their many motivations, that of sustainabilityThe desire to breathe new life into apparently inadequate structures such as a barn in this case proved to be a winning choice. The result was a new, contemporary dwelling that produces a very low amount of CO2 and is also energy-saving. A dwelling that did not consume any more land because it reclaimed the land where the barn used to be. And lastly, a home tailor-made to the client's aesthetic taste and therefore unique.



The glulam house was completed in 2020 and the basic design idea was to keep the shape and the "poor" materials of the façade as unaltered as possible while keeping the new materials used for the extension and rebuilding the walls and floors in wood.

The character and nature of the rural building has not been distorted; on the contrary, thanks to the large windows, it almost seems as if indoors and outdoors blend together, creating the illusion of moving through natural "pictures".

The residential unit is spread over two floors. On the ground floor we find the kitchen island in the centre, next to the pantry and a small bathroom.


On the first floor are the two bedrooms, the main one with a private shower and wardrobe, and a shared bathroom.

The glulam house was built using  Platform frame Subissati construction technology, derived from research into natural materials for daily living in comfort, safety and energy saving.



Client: Private


Architectural design:


Ms Silvia Lupini, Architect


Structural design Mr Andrea Montagna, Engineer, and the Subissati Technical Office