choosing subissati

The product supplied, materials used, working methods applied and guarantees provided are all fundamental to those choosing to place their trust in a company for an important investment. We monitor the whole process, from the initial planning through to the final design. The structural design is developed according to the architectonic project and exclusively made-to-measure, in view of the structure’s specific needs. Assembly is carried out in full on-site, allowing for greater precision, and giving the customer the option of verifying our use of the agreed materials (insulation, panels, etc.), as well as obtaining a clear view of systems organisation. The customer benefits from the support of our experience and advice, and is an active part also with regards to choosing the materials used for insulation and internal and external finishes.

The use of plywood, particularly for the construction of the support walls using the Platform Frame construction system, provides a guarantee of quality. Vertical beams feature a minimum section of 60x160 mm – almost double that usually employed by other companies. The beams making up the wall frames, later to be covered by other components and therefore not easily inspected and checked, are treated in a steriliser, where they are impregnated with chrome and arsenic free ecological salts. This process is usually carried out on beams for external use, as it guarantees that they cannot be attacked by fungi, insects and rot that can affect the wood.

Before production, an executive design is produced, showing every single construction detail, and which is perfectly faithful to the future development. Only once this has been approved by the customer, does production actually begin. By choosing a SUBISSATI structure, you can also opt for filing with the seismic department (previously the seismic civil engineering department), by qualified in-house technicians, and decide on the construction level that can range from a ‘rustic’ supply structure through to a turnkey home.