Project presentation: wooden primary school - Tavullia (PU)


“Building a school, for a local government, for a mayor, I believe it is one of the most beautiful things one can do. Building a school like the one we are doing now, with Subissati, I believe it is a goal, a pride that any administrator would like to accomplish.

Building a school means looking into the future, and this means a lot of potential to make it better when it is beautiful.

We can always count on Subissati. We have already seen this in our area but also in neighbouring municipalities”.


 Francesca Paolucci - Mayor of Tavullia

During the meeting at our headquarters to define the finishes and product characteristics of the new school, we took the opportunity to show the mayor and designers our facilities.

Francesco Subissati (Deputy Chairman Subissati S.r.l.) and Cesare Morganti (Sales Manager) accompanied the Mayor Francesca Paolucci, Eng. Cristian Vescovi (designer and Works Director), Arch. Veronica Balsomini (designer and safety coordinator) and Eng. Ambra Sandroni (Single Procedure Officer and public works sector manager).

In the next few weeks we will be totally immersed in the construction of the new wooden school in Tavullia (PU)

The project envisages the construction of three separate and connected bodies to form a single building complex.

The two-storey school building above ground will measure approximately 710 m². In addition, a school canteen of approximately 230 m² and a gymnasium of approximately 340 m² will be built.

The school and gymnasium will be in energy class Nzeb (maximum energy efficiency buildings or buildings with lower energy consumption). The entire complex will be equipped with a major photovoltaic system with accumulators

“Tavullia is a location we are very close to because we have already done two other facilities, an innovative gymnasium and a school extension. Now we are making a very important structure, a hub comsisting of a main structure that is the school, a canteen and a gymnasium for school use.

We are producing this school with the highest standards and details of quality finishing that sets us apart. We have very, very good partners who are following us, such as SP of Sassocorvaro and the Bioedil Stable Consortium of Ancona, which are very serious companies. The laying of the wooden structure will begin very soon and should be completed by the end of 2023.”

Francesco Subissati - Deputy Chairman and Representative Subissati S.r.l.