Detached wooden villa - Arcevia (AN)


A home of one’s own. A home first dreamt of, then designed and finally built. A place, the home, which we go back to every evening to be with our family, and which must be as close to our being as possible. This is what we all wish for when we decide to build our own home.


Our company has been making your dreams come true in wood for over 50 years. After a while we come back to take pictures of them and to listen to your impressions. Many customers often tell us how much the choice to live in a wooden house has positively influenced their lives. We know this and are glad to see the happiness shining in their eyes. Yes, they are customers. But after all, in the long journey that starts with the project, you share a series of emotions that you are also something more.

But back to this house. A detached villa that we built about a year ago.

The house is located in Arcevia in the province of Ancona, an area rich in art, history and culture. The house is on two floors of approximately 230 square metres and was built using the "Platform Frame Subissati" construction system.

What immediately catches the eye is the exterior finish in wood mixed with stone that recalls the tradition and typical rural houses of our region.

Nature and the landscape surround the house and the porch of about 60 square metres and the large windows allow one to fully experience the context.


Using glulam as a building material guarantees a high level of living comfort as well as a healthy and safe place to raise our children.


Client: Private


Mr Ivan Cinti (surveyor)

 Mr Diego Baldarelli (engineer)