CASA BS: single-family wooden villa - Spinetoli (AP)


Work on Casa BS started in early 2021. In every project we carry out, we try to put heart and passion into giving life to a home that, at the beginning, is just an idea, a project, a dream. Seeing the smiles on the faces of customers happy with the work done fills us with satisfaction and makes us believe more and more that the path we have been following for over 60 years is the right one.


The concept of Casa BS is the outcome of careful planning and attention to aspects of bio-architecture. Eco-sustainability, understood as a philosophy of life and a different cultural approach proposed by the architect, was shared by client and company.  


The simplicity of shape, reminiscent of a rural house in the Marche region, the functional distribution of the various rooms, the attention to the right orientation, the ability to make the most of natural light and the accuracy in calibrating the various structural elements and plant engineering aspects have turned into a building that is "self-sufficient" in terms of energy.   


The compositional part of the house is simple, minimalist and pure. It is characterised by the use of three different finishes that highlight the compositional elements of the project: the wall, the cap and the features.


The house has a gross floor area of around 165 square metres on the ground floor, 60 square metres on the first floor (of which 20 square metres on the mezzanine) and 30 square metres of annexes, and was built using the "Subissati Platform Frame” construction technology.


Casa BS was built in the municipality of Spinetoli (AP) in Pagliare del Tronto.




Client: Private

Architectural design:  Mr Pierfrancesco Paradisi (architect)