800 times, each with the same passion

Sometimes it’s worth looking backwards to evaluate one’s progress and assess the path taken up to now. Numbers can be a good way of understanding whether we are doing well or not. Numbers are objective and sometimes even cruel.


In spite of 2022 only being a few months old and in spite of all of us living through strange times, we are delighted to share what has happened in recent years.

To 2017 we had built and delivered around 500 wooden buildings. These are private homes and not public buildings or special structures. Only houses, single or multi-family dwellings.   Now, after around 4 years and a few months, we can boast having reached and passed the target of 800 wooden homes for our customers.



One thing is certain.  Results can only be achieved with the help of collaborators and the esprit de corps, which encompasses every individual, from the design team to marketing, administrators to production and site technicians.

We want to give special thanks to our customers who have chosen us and who have entrusted us with their dream and given us the responsibility for realising it. Without them it would be for nothing, it is for them that we seek to improve by constantly looking for the best solutions for building ever higher-performing and environmentally sustainable homes.

And those numbers may be cold, objective, tiresome… but at other times they can be a source of inspiration.

A huge thanks to everyone. From our hearts. Truly.