Subissati S.r.l. :: News it The residential tourist resort “Marina di Ponente” has been completed - Senigallia (AN) (Subissati S.r.l.) Wed, 02 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0100 Just across from the sea but only a short walk from the centre of Senigallia (AN), the new multi-storey “Marina di Ponente” building stands proud.

Structured over three floors, it is intended for use as a tourist resort.

The 6 flats designed independently by architects Daniele Frulla and Luca Granarelli blend dynamic, modern forms that are harmonised and perfectly inserted into the surrounding area.

The new tourist complex is the perfect example of a concept of contemporary living, made up of volumes designed to guarantee maximum practicality without forfeiting an eye for detail.

The building is constructed entirely from lamellar wood, using the “Subissati Platform Frame” system, with high energy efficiency and anti-seismic technology.


Last flat available with sea view.


for info: Loris Romagnoli 338-6829080

Intervention: Synergy service s.r.l.

Info: Loris Romagnoli 338-6829080

Project: Arch. Daniele Frulla, Arch. Luca Granarelli





5 floors for the new retirement home - Francavilla D'Ete (FM) (Subissati S.r.l.) Fri, 21 Jul 2017 00:00:00 +0100 We will soon be starting work on the construction of the new retirement home “Residenza Protetta della Fondazione “G. Didari” di Francavilla D’Ete” in the province of Fermo.

The new project envisages the development of a new structure measuring approximately 2000 m2, arranged (orthogonally) to the historic body, structured over five floors (of which one is the basement).

It is a project that has seen us work hard and professionally over the last few months, overcoming the difficulties caused by recent earthquakes and above all the nature of the ground below, but with the shared aim of developing a modern, efficient, comfortable and above all safe structure in all aspects, with the unique feature of having been conceived and designed as a strategic structure calculated in the maximum structural use class, thereby allowing it to be included as and considered a construction for public or important strategic purposes, also with reference to managing civil protection in the event of a disaster.

For the four above-ground floors, a wooden X-Lam type support structure has been envisaged.

The mixed design group coordinated by Subissati, consisting of technicians with great professional experience, in a continuous, constant exchange of ideas with the Directors of the “G. Didari” Foundation, prioritised the choice of construction materials in terms of durability, environmental sustainability and above all energy efficiency, thereby obtaining the best possible energy class (A4), making for a considerable reduction and  savings in terms of both energy and cost on the Client’s budget and drastically reducing the consumption of energy produced from non-renewable sources.


“It was hard work, both physically and mentally, to manage to coordinate and conciliate all the expectations and wishes of the Client with regulations, the finances and the needs of the various designers, but it was well worth it for two unique, great reasons: to see this great project of this small, but hard-working, important community start to take shape and, above all, to play a direct part, pooling our work and experience to offer a new home to our “grandparents”; we are truly proud of our efforts. I would like to thank all the designer technicians, my collaborators, the Foundation Chairman, the Deputy Chairman, all the Directors, Secretary and the Mayor for each having helped as able towards the development of this unique, essential work”


these are the moving words of Francesco Subissati.




Client: Fondazione Opere Pie G. Didari Onlus - Francavilla D'Ete (FM)


Design group:

Studio Tecnico Associato Trilite Ing. Renzo Tamanti,

Arking consulting di Mannocchi Franco & C. s.n.c.,

Arch. Danilo Coletti,

AGARCH- Arch. Andrea Giacinti

Subissati Technical Office

Studio Landi, Ortolani Santinelli-Ing. Roberto Ortolani



The Marche’s fastest sports hall takes shape - Tavullia (PU) (Subissati S.r.l.) Tue, 11 Jul 2017 00:00:00 +0100 Tavullia (PU) just the final touches are needed for work on the new sports hall to be declared complete, just a few interventions inside and outside the structure that may take a couple more days.

Foundation works began in March and in just a few months, we have almost reached the finishing line.

The wooden structure, measuring approximately 1000 m2 (including the gymnasium and changing rooms), has been developed using mixed technology.

“Post and Beam” was employed for the structure’s main wooden frames and “Subissati Platform Frame” for the diaphragm walls and changing rooms.

The building (energy class A4) will have systems designed to combine energy savings with internal micro climatic comfort.




Client: Tavullia local council

Proceedings Manager: Geom. Marcello Salucci



Architecture: Arch. Pierfrancesco Paradisi - Ing. Andrea Montagna - Ing. Gaetano Curzi (Subissati Technical Office)

Systems: Ing. Renato Montesi – Systems designer Massimiliano Bruni

Structures: Ing. Roberto Ortolani - collaborator Ing. Gaetano Curzi (Subissati Technical Office)

Geology: Dott. Marco Brunelli

Safety coordination during design and execution: Ing. Roberto Ortolani

Coordinator of the various specialised services: Ing. Roberto Ortolani

Construction company: Subissati srl






Forthcoming development: new gymnasium - Montemaggiore al Metauro (PU) (Subissati S.r.l.) Wed, 14 Jun 2017 00:00:00 +0100 Over the next few months, we will be busy building a new gymnasium in Villanova di Montemaggiore al Metauro (PU).

The structure will consists of four main volumes:

An entrance volume of approximately 30 m2, with a support structure in reinforced concrete, connected by seismic joint to the gymnasium, which, with its surface area of 600 m2 and large windows, will offer the perfect venue for sports and other events. The gymnasium support structure will be in reinforced concrete and lamellar wood.

The volume used for the bathrooms, with a reinforced concrete support structure, will extend for approximately 140 m2 and will house the changing rooms and other toilets and bathrooms necessary for the structure.

The two structures will be connected by means of a glazed corridor with a lamellar wood support structure that will grant access to the changing rooms without needing to go outdoors.

Outside, a large (135 m2) lamellar wood portico in dark walnut colour will connect the three volumes (gymnasium, changing rooms and corridor), giving the structure a fascinating modern architectonic look. An outdoor stairway will lead to a large terrace (approximately 130 m2), to be used as a common space.


The structure, which is perfectly earthquake-safe, will also be energy efficient. The project envisages the development of a photovoltaic plant and thermal solar plant on the gymnasium roof, aiming to partly or fully cover the energy needed for climate control and the production of hot water.



CLIENT: Montemaggiore al Metauro local council

 Proceedings Manager:  Geom. Lucio Mantoni



Architectonic project, plants and structures: Ing. Arch. Federico Paci

Design improvement solutions: Arch. Silvia Lupini and the Subissati Technical Office



Ing. Roberto Andreatini

Ing. Michele Righi

Ing. Michael Jordan

Ing. Rosaria Mosciatti

Dott. Gloria Gajtani

Arch. Raffaella Gennari

Geom. Manuela Marinucci



The Subissati school donated by Ikea is opened - Crognaleto (TE) (Subissati S.r.l.) Tue, 30 May 2017 00:00:00 +0100 On Monday, 29 May, the wooden school donated by Ikea to Crognaleto (TE), district of Nerito, following the 2016 earthquakes, was officially opened.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Undersecretary to the President of the Council of Ministers, the Hon. Maria Elena Boschi, the Undersecretary to the Minister for Education, University and Research, the Hon. Vito De Filippo, the Mayor, Giuseppe D'Alonzo, the Councillor of the Embassy of Sweden, Cristina Kvist, the President of the Regional Council, Giuseppe Di Pancrazio and the Chief Executive Officer of IKEA Italy, Belén Frau, as well as local residents, teachers and a great many students.

The school was donated entirely by IKEA and the more than 7000 collaborators who asked the company to invest the resources intended for Christmas bonuses to help the populations struck by the earthquake.

The children and teenagers of the Abruzzo municipality were there to cut the ribbon, launching blue and yellow balloons to mark the official opening of the new classrooms, accompanied by the national anthem, sung by the local comprehensive school choir.

IKEA, which chose us to partner them in this project, and the institutions present complimented our company on the site organisation, the architectonic result obtained and the speed of execution of the work, in complete compliance with the agreed terms; indeed, works were completed in approximately 1 month.

The new “Alfredo Quaranta” complex extends for approximately 350 m2 and will house pre-school, first and middle school.

The contemporary style and design of the structure blends with its volumes and shapes in a harmonious manner amidst the surrounding Gran Sasso park.

The building was developed using the “Subissati Platform Frame” construction system with structural use class IV and high energy efficiency (class A4 Energy almost Zero); this is the top energy class currently envisaged by the regulations.


The photograph shows Subissati gives Belén Frau a scale wooden model of the school.



Client: IKEA

Architecture: Arch. Phd Silvia Lupini-LOOP Landscape & Architecture Design and the Subissati Technical Office

Systems: Ing. Gianluca Serpilli - Serpilli Engineering

Structures: Ing. Andrea Montagna - collaborator Ing. Gaetano Curzi Subissati Technical Office

Safety coordination during design: Arch. Andrea Fratoni



A new school - Numana (AN) (Subissati S.r.l.) Fri, 19 May 2017 00:00:00 +0100 One of the next projects in which we will be involved will be the development of the new primary school in Numana, in the province of Ancona.

The school, which will be part of the new school complex in the district of Marcelli, will cover a total area of approximately 600 m2 and will be developed using the “Subissati Platform Frame” construction technology.

The foundations will be built from reinforced concrete, whilst the structures above ground will be in lamellar wood; the classrooms will have green roofs whilst the inter-cycle rooms with sloping roofs will have an attractive visible wood detail ceiling.

This project also flaunts a great many other unique characteristics.

One of these regards colour and chromatic comfort applied to both the interior and outdoor areas of the school, whilst another relates to the design of the green space as an integral and integrated part of the general architectural design. A solution has been chosen that allows for different contexts to interact directly with the outdoors, implementing the educational and teaching value of space through correlations between classrooms and the outdoors.

Near the external openings of the five teaching classrooms, an area will therefore be developed covered by a large pergola that will define the entire front of the school.

To ensure that the building sits well within the context and create a sense of continuity and aperture towards the surrounding environment, shades will be used that seek reference to the natural green spaces surrounding it and the hues of the nearby buildings. In this way, a continuity of colour will be assured to exalt the volumetric concept proposed in the project, yet further.




Client: Numana local council



Designer and Works Manager: Ing. Adriano Agnesi

Proceedings Manager: Geom. Enrico Trillini - Numana local council



Subissati: another step forward. A new production plant. (Subissati S.r.l.) Fri, 12 May 2017 00:00:00 +0100 Works are currently in their final stages on our new production plant. The plant will house new automated production lines to provide our customers with ever better quality and guarantee a complete, high quality cycle, from design through to prefabrication in the plant.

The new structure, which will cover a surface area of around 3500 m2 will come in addition to the existing ones, thereby reaching a total of almost 15000 m2 in production plants and offices.

The new plant is characterised by large span lamellar wood roofing that makes the working environment welcoming and dynamic.


Architectural design:

Arch. Nazzareno Petrini

Petrini Solustri and Partners - Serra de' Conti (AN)


Structural design: Ing. Andrea Montagna and the Subissati Technical Office



X-lam buildings for a self-construction project - Senigallia (AN) (Subissati S.r.l.) Tue, 11 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0100 Our company is part of a working team involved in an interesting, important social housing project in the area of Cesanella, Senigallia (AN).

The project, by Studio Canzian Curzi, envisages the town planning requalification of an area, thanks to a building restructuring project involving first demolition, followed by reconstruction; it benefits from a contribution made by the Regional Council of Marche of almost 600,000.00 euros, divided between 18 flats.



One of the essential project characteristics is that the development of these flats, which will be distributed over two blocks, will take place in self-construction. This means that two or three people per family will be working on site, under the supervision and guidance of the Consorzio Solidarietà, which will identify and make available all the necessary professionalism and competences.

Subissati will develop the constructions using X-lam technology and will make available all the professional figures and equipment necessary to guarantee a perfect execution of the work.

The homes will be energy class A3 and will have the following characteristics:

“Itaca Marche” environmental energy efficiency protocol above 2, use of photovoltaic panels, thermal solar panels for hot bathroom water, underfloor heating, heat-insulated doors and windows, highly-insulating cladding and attention paid to bioclimatic and bioconstruction standards.


Consorzio Solidarietà cooperativa sociale ONLUS



Studio Architettura Arch. Massimo Canzian & Arch. Vania Curzi - Senigallia (AN)


Requalification of the educational facility - Vallefoglia (PU) (Subissati S.r.l.) Fri, 31 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +0100 Over the coming months, we will be working with Idratel on one of those projects which makes us particularly proud, namely the requalification of an educational facility, with extension of the kindergarten and construction of a new gymnasium with connected services.

The work will be carried out in the town of Vallefoglia (PU) in località Bottega di Colbordolo, a territory with a huge artistic, cultural and natural heritage, located at the crossroads between the regions of the Marche, Umbria and Tuscany.

The kindergarten will be extended, with three new sections, thus reaching a total surface area of 1300 m2, connected to the existing parts by a corridor with large picture windows, through which the flow of students will pass, thus also satisfying the school's  social function, as a meeting-place for the various students present in the facility.

A school with no clear separation between classrooms and corridors creates an environment where everything is informal and flexible, where the furnishings and the walls can be used to create temporary and variable configurations.

The classrooms open onto an external paved area bordered by wooden trusses and pillars which can support sliding covers to create covered spaces looking out onto the garden, thus increasing the possibilities of use even in bad weather, for multi-class lessons and observations which encourage the students to come together and share interests.

The 800 m2 indoor gymnasium will be located close to the primary school, but will be used by all the schools at the facility.

The design of the external spaces reflects the characteristics of the landscape and the paved walkways therefore follow the directions of the volume and those of the landscape, with constant reference to the surrounding plain, used to grow crops and therefore geometrically designed by human hands.

All the structures will be constructed with lamellar wood using "Subissati Platform Frame" construction technology, with fire resistance of R60.

The systems aspect is equally impressive: photovoltaic system, high-efficiency heat pump, floor heating system and a storage boiler for the production of hot water complete a building which will be in energy class A4 almost zero energy and therefore with an extremely low energy impact and highly sustainable.



Client: Town Council of Vallefoglia


Proceedings Manager: Mr. Lorenzo Gai

Instructor: Mr. Massimo Martelli

Architectonic design: Mr. Marco Turchi/Mr. Francesco Valentini/ Ms. Elisa Romagnoli / Mr. Andrea Montagna (subissati S.r.l.)

Structural design: Mr. Roberto Ortolani

Systems design: Mr. Massimiliano Bruni

Safety coordinator during the design phase: Mr. Renato Montesi

Safety coordinator during the performance phase: Mr. Renato Montesi

Fire safety design: Mr. Renato Montesi

Coordinator of the various specialised services: Mr. Renato Montesi


500 times with the same enthusiasm! (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 06 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +0100


We are proud to announce that our company has exceeded the threshold of 500 wooden buildings delivered. Each building requires the intervention of various specialists for its construction and that is why we want to say thank you 500 times to our collaborators: designers, sales managers, administrative managers, production technicians, work site technicians and also the customers who have chosen us to make their dream come true. Our company is able to satisfy our customers' different needs due to the in-house group of professionals, who still approach their work, from the design to the executive and building site phase, with the same intensity and enthusiasm with which our very first house was built. This is what sets us apart: customer satisfaction, design ability, research and innovation and construction experience.

Each construction developed differs from the others in its design, dimensions and characteristics; each building has been created to meet the demands of the client and designers. The building characteristics are analysed and designed according to intended purpose: residential, school, public and business. We liaise each time with the designer and the customer to choose the best construction technology for the project: Platform Frame - X-lam - Post and Beam - Blockhouse etc. 

This is how we ensure excellent performance in terms of characteristics such as fire resistance or improved performance in use at specific times of the year with different weather conditions.

Despite the particularly difficult economic situation in the construction industry, wooden homes continue to show a positive growth trend, confirming the validity of our construction technology.