Subissati S.r.l. :: News it The new primary school XX Settembre of Rimini completed (Subissati S.r.l.) Wed, 20 Apr 2016 00:00:00 +0100 Works completed on the new primary school XX Settembre in Rimini.

In approximately 100 days, the new primary school XX Settembre in Rimini, has been completed.



The construction develops over a single floor for a total surface area of almost 1000 m2, a high quality building with excellent characteristics:

- nominal life 100 years

- Use class IV “Constructions with important strategic or public purposes, including with reference to the management of civil protection in the event of a disaster”

- Energy class A4 NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building)

- Photovoltaic plant 20 for electricity KW

- Thermal solar plant for hot sanitary water

- Plant for the recovery of rainwater for sub-services

- Radiating floor plants for both heating and cooling

- Air exchange plant

- Fire resistance R60.



CONTRACTOR:  RIMINI LOCAL COUNCIL  Piazza Cavour 27 - 47900 – Rimini

Proceedings Manager: Arch Federico Pozzi

Works Manager Arch. Valentina Maggioli, Arch. Manuela Masini and Ing. Monia Colonna

Safety Coordinator in the Execution Phase: Geom. Cristiano Vitali

Manager: Arch. Chiara Fravisini

Department Manager: Ing. Daniele Fabbri



Subcontractor of part of the construction works: SAMIR srl of Rimini









Arch. Marco Turchi and Arch. Matteo Sarti

Design group:

Arch. Francesco Valentini

Ing. Antonella Babini – Ing. Elisa Romagnoli



SYSTEMS: Ing. Gianluca Serpilli



SAFETY: Ing. Leonardo Gatti



GEOLOGY: Geologist Marco Lancioni




Ing. Andrea Montagna (Subissati srl Technical Office)

Ing. Omero Bassotti (Consultec soc. coop.)



See the news of 19 January 2016 on the foundation works


New sports hall presented - Tavullia (PU) (Subissati S.r.l.) Tue, 12 Apr 2016 00:00:00 +0100 Monday 11 April saw the presentation, witnessed by the Mayor of Tavullia, Francesca Paolucci, the President of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Daniele Tagliolini, Managers of Subissati and the designers, in the meeting hall of Tavullia local council (PU), of the project for the new Tavullia sports hall.

The new sports hall will be developed along Via Aldo Moro in the municipal capital, with unique characteristics, both for energy class A4 and as a strategic work, to be used to welcome the population in the event of a disaster, as well as being an environmentally-friendly construction powered by renewable energy sources.

The new construction will consist of two main bodies: a play area and a changing room area.

The play area has a total surface area in excess of 800 m2, with a maximum height of more than 7 m, whilst the changing rooms stretch out for more than 180 m2 and both structures will be use class IV with fire resistance REI 60.



The two units will have a seismic join between them. Considering the different sizes both on the floor and elevation of the two units of the factory and considering the irregular floor plan of the whole complex, the execution of the seismic joint means that two independent, regular structures can be developed enabling the best possible seismic response of the building, as is currently known to construction science.



Considering the considerable empty volume of the gymnasium, with the consequent impossibility of creating highly ductile diaphragm wooden walls, the structural idea proposed is that of matching the main wooden frames of the structure (post and beam) to the bracing diaphragm walls (platform frame), significantly increasing the shear rigidity of the whole building, or rather the seismic dissipation due to the many connections of steel ductile elements. This innovative mixture of construction systems also means that the building can structurally be considered as a hyperstatic frame, meaning that the structure factor can be increased.



The changing rooms will be developed again with a wooden structure but with PLATFORM FRAME method, which enables a greater dissipation of seismic energy, significantly increasing the ductility of the whole of the structural complex.



The systems have also been designed to blend energy savings and comfort of the building cladding: the winter climate control system of the play area will be carried out by means of floor radiating heating (low temperatures) to guarantee an even temperature throughout the area and to make best use of the features of a heat pump. A 20 KWp photovoltaic plant located on the building roof will also be envisaged.









Tavullia local council


Proceedings Manager:

Geom. Marcello Salucci









Arch. Pierfrancesco Paradisi - Ing. Andrea Montagna - Ing. Gaetano Curzi (Subissati Technical Office)



Ing. Renato Montesi – Systems designer Massimiliano Bruni



Ing. Roberto Ortolani - collaborator Ing. Gaetano Curzi (Subissati Technical Office)



Dott. Marco Brunelli


Safety coordination during design and execution:

Ing. Roberto Ortolani


Coordinator of the various specialised services:

Ing. Roberto Ortolani



Construction company:

Subissati srl



Foundation works have begun on a new school building - Acquasanta Terme (AP). (Subissati S.r.l.) Fri, 26 Feb 2016 00:00:00 +0100 Works have begun on the preparation of the reinforced concrete foundation works for the new secondary school “Nicola Amici” of Acquasanta Terme in the province of Ascoli Piceno.

The raised construction will be developed entirely from lamellar wood using the Platform Frame type technology, in order to obtain an extremely anti-seismic structure. The school building develops over a single floor and has a total surface area of around 400 m2 plus approximately 50 m2 of overhanging structure at the large windows, so as to ensure shading of the glass panels whilst maintaining great light in the interior rooms.


Special attention has been paid to the building cladding, which is very much insulated, and the equally high-performing technological systems; these details will make the energy class of the construction, according to the new standards, A-4, i.e. making it an NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building). The school will be one of the very first public structures to have this energy class.

Another characteristic is the fire resistance of the construction, which is R60.

Once the foundation works have been completed, the wooden structures will be installed, almost entirely prefabricated at our plants so as to ensure great precision of the various elements (walls, beams, etc.) and careful production control. The prefabrication of the construction will make assembly of the work on site extremely quick.




Architectonic design: Arch. Pierfrancesco Paradisi - Subissati Technical Department

Systems design: Ing. Renato Montesi – Systems designer Massimiliano Bruni

Structural design: Ing. Roberto Ortolani - Studio Tecnico Associato S.T.A. di Landi, Ortolani e Santinelli  



Detached family home - Tavullia (PU) (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 25 Jan 2016 00:00:00 +0100 One of the next developments will be the construction of a detached prefabricated wooden villa in the municipality of Tavullia (PU).

The project stems from the desire to make the most of and indeed highlight the beauty and characteristics of the place. Truly a one-of-a-kind location. The area stands amidst hills of the Pesaro hinterland, where unparalleled views can be enjoyed over the coast, hills and Adriatic Sea.

The underlying idea was to acknowledge the value of the surrounding countryside and make it play a lead role in the architectonic composition, exalting the continuity of internal and external spaces as much as possible.


The result consists of pure volumes, horizontal lines and architectonic elements that allow the building to sit comfortably within the environment, yet without making its features banal.

The new composition stands out and is distinguished from pre-existing surrounding buildings for its contemporary architectonic choices. The morphological appearance is the result of the overlay of simple, defined volumes: two parallelepipeds.


These differently-sized “boxes” respect rigorous spatial ratios and alignments, both on the flat and in the raised aspects, exalting the rational minimalist design. These geometric ratios, even if probably not immediately visible at first sight, do give rise to a unique kind of harmony of spaces.

The two parallelepipeds arranged over two different levels are inter-connected by an internal folded sheet metal stairway; the ground floor hosts the largest volume, measuring approximately 155 m2, which is structured into two functional areas: the “service” area, with garage, laundry room and technical room, and the residential part, with hallway, study, lounge, kitchen, guest bedroom and toilets. The living room is the main part of the whole floor; a large open space that is enriched by light and landscapes. It is an extroverted space in its relations with the outside assured by the large windows, a dining area, for hospitality and successfully fostering pleasant conversation. By way of protection for the openings, an overhanging portico has been envisaged, marking the whole of the front and which grows near the kitchen, becoming a loggia with a view to creating a covered space to be used for outdoor dining.

The parallelepiped on the first floor, measuring approximately 60 m2 is used to host the night area, with bedroom, bathroom and master bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Both rooms have large doors that open out onto a shared loggia and terrace with pergola. The doors establish viewpoints, visual glimpses that enhance the quality of the internal spaces.


The interior finishes are mainly in total white, which, together with the transparency offered by the glass, the warmth of the wood and the green of the context, go towards creating a refined, extremely pleasant atmosphere.


Externally, the use of white plaster, stone and wood to colour and clad the façades aim to define and explain the individual spaces and ambiances that develop within the residence, from the outside too.


The end result is a welcoming place filled with life and warmth to be lived to the full in company and in which to enjoy the Pesaro countryside in a submersed manner, non-invasive but completely.

The structure has been developed using the platform frame construction system, with floors and ceilings built from panels of lamellar wood; the building will be energy class A+. 

Heating is achieved using radiating floor panels and there is a controlled mechanical ventilation system to guarantee high interior comfort and major energy savings.


Client: Private

Architectonic design: Arch. Pierfrancesco Paradisi – Geom. Fabio Sandroni

Structural design: Ing. Andrea Montagna and the Subissati Technical Office



Works started on the new primary school XX Settembre - Rimini (Subissati S.r.l.) Tue, 19 Jan 2016 00:00:00 +0100 Works started on the development of the foundations of the new primary school XX Settembre.


Within a few days, the reinforced concrete foundations will have been completed and work can then begin on the raised wooden construction.


The school building, created entirely from lamellar wood, using the platform frame system, has a total surface area of close to 1000 m2.


The school is a high energy efficiency building certified as Class A4, the top performance class available.


Consumption for heating, cooling, dehumidifying and ensuring suitable air exchange in the building is extremely low, meaning that considerable financial savings are assured - made possible by the careful attention paid to quality and by the performance of the building cladding and plants, insulation and eye for construction detail.



In Subissati, the decision was made right from the outset that a school needs to be potentially more than safe and structurally long-lasting, hence, if the nominal life of a structural work is understood as being the number of years for which the structure, where ordinarily maintained, can be used for its intended purpose, the decision was made to design and offer the school with a nominal life of 100 years. This design assumption is therefore directly related to the Construction Use Class that Subissati decided to make as IV, thereby comparing the building to “Constructions with important strategic or public purposes, including with reference to the management of civil protection in the event of a disaster”.



CONTRACTOR:  RIMINI LOCAL COUNCIL  Piazza Cavour 27 - 47900 – Rimini

Proceedings Manager: Arch Federico Pozzi

Works Management: Arch. Valentina Maggioli, Arch. Manuela Masini and Ing. Monia Colonna

Safety Coordinator in the Execution Phase: Geom. Cristiano Vitali

Manager: Arch. Chiara Fravisini

Department Manager: Ing. Daniele Fabbri



Subcontractor of part of the construction works: SAMIR srl of Rimini








Arch. Marco Turchi and Arch. Matteo Sarti

Design group:

Arch. Francesco Valentini

Ing. Antonella Babini – Ing. Elisa Romagnoli



SYSTEMS: Ing. Gianluca Serpilli



SAFETY: Ing. Leonardo Gatti



GEOLOGY: Geologist Marco Lancioni



STRUCTURES: Ing. Andrea Montagna (Subissati srl Technical Office)

                            Ing. Omero Bassotti (Consultec soc. coop.)



New wooden school opened in Gradara (PU) (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 21 Dec 2015 00:00:00 +0100 As planned, Saturday 19 December saw the opening of the new school building in Gradara (PU).


Witnessed by the Governor of the Region of Marche, Luca Ceriscioli, the President of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino, Daniele Tagliolini, the Mayor of Gradara, Franca Foroni, the Mayor of Pesaro, Matteo Ricci, the Councillor for Public Education of Gradara, Caterina Del Baldo, a great many mayors, directors and managers of surrounding municipalities, a great many religious, civil and military authorities, plenty of local residents and representatives of our company management team, the wooden construction was unveiled, designed to extend the school premises in via Tavullia, in the Municipality of Gradara, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino.



The bioconstruction, anti-seismic design, with high fire resistance and low energy consumption (class A) was built in just 60 days.  For the structure architecture, the aim was, as far as possible, to make the building a natural extension of the existing school structure, in terms of shape, colour and finishes.



It was a great satisfaction for both our company and the Contracting Entity to successfully complete the work in record time, with no unforeseen events and high construction quality for the new school building.




Client: Gradara Local Council - Legal representative Mayor Franca Foronchi

Proceedings Manager: ing. Paolo Morelli - ing. Ilaria Ancona

Executive design: Subissati Technical Office and Consultec soc. coop


See the news of 06 July 2015 on the project presentation


See the news of 28 September 2015 on the start of works


See the news of 25 November 2015 on the completion of works





Built in 60 days primary school Gradara (PU) (Subissati S.r.l.) Wed, 25 Nov 2015 00:00:00 +0100 Completed in 60 days the expansion of primary school street in the town of Tavullia Gradara.

The completed work for several days, affecting a wooden construction on one floor of about 230 square meters in expansion to the existing school complex.

As always, the building was built with highly insulated enclosures and appropriate technological systems to allow the construction to have an energy certification in Class A.

Particle attention was also paid to comfort and indoor climate of classrooms, for this purpose a heat recovery system was expected (controlled mechanical ventilation). The installation of air renewal systems with heat recovery for the control of the correct level of comfort environment, the air renewal ensures the healthiness of spaces occupied by the pupils.

The building was built for the laminated timber structure with Platform Frame construction system for a nominal life of 100 years and a User Class of construction with a value of IV, which according to the standard reference technique DM 14.01.2008 is assimilated in order of importance to the "buildings with public functions or important strategic, even with reference to the management of civil protection in the event of disasters".



The official opening is scheduled for the morning of Saturday 19 December .



Client: City of Gradara - Legal Representative Mayor Franca Foronchi

RUP : ing . Paolo Morelli - ing. Ilaria Ancona

Executive design : Technical office Subissati and Consultec soc . coop



Single Villa - Cerreto d' Esi (AN) (Subissati S.r.l.) Wed, 18 Nov 2015 00:00:00 +0100
Completed another beautiful detached villa built in wood in the municipality of Cerreto D' Esi (AN ) . The building is located in a very scenic residential area on two levels , a basement c.a. and a level above ground with wooden frame . The architectural style of the building appears to be contemporary and minimalist , the part in wooden elevation has a total area of about 340 square meters in addition to the protruding areas of shading and covering functions .


The entire roof is organized to multiple layers with different inclinations and warping consists of laminated wood beams , the shell protrusions are minimized to ensure an essential architectural language . The final roof covering was made with plate fold , and the stained-glass shading party systems were made with adjustable shading , in order to modulate the intensity of the external light and shading. The finish is opaque walls with insulation system and the final plaster.


The wooden frame choice is of type loop " Platform Frame " , the building is strongly isolated in the casings , and has low power consumption , has been designed with particular attention to the orientation of the entire building , taking into account the criteria of irradiation shading and the environments in reference to its intended use.


Building Features :

- Construction type " Platform Frame Subissati " ;

- Foundation and basement in C. A.

- Block of maturation in oak on one level for a total square meters . 340

- Supporting Siding thickness 314 mm ;

- Load-bearing internal walls thickness 222 mm ;

- Dividing Parteti thickness 111 mm ;

- Hedging Floors with mesh in laminated beams on sight ;

- plumbing aluminum ;

- blanket coveragewith crimped aluminum sheet ;

- Covered with plaster ;



Client: private


Architectural Design: Arch. Paolo Schicchi - Fabriano (AN)


Direction Architectural works : Geom. Giovanni Santolini - Cerreto d'Esi (AN)


Project and D.L. Structural : Ing. Andrea Montagna e Ufficio Tecnico Subissati 


Wooden building detached Recanati (MC) (Subissati S.r.l.) Fri, 23 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0100 The work of our expertise are completed for the construction of a wooden detached villa in the town of Recanati (MC).

The building developed on one floor , has a contemporary architecture , with large windows which connect the interior with the exterior nature. In about two months the entire work was built and finished externally , area inside the walls remain instead to build plants , floors, walls and finishes have been built.

The building is located in a hilly area overview estremanete that faces the roller valley with a wide viewing span ranging from internal surveys to Monte Conero and the Adriatic Sea.


The building has a total area of about 190 square meters and will be built with " Platform Frame Subissati " system with external finish with plaster.

The curved roof slab extends in the highest part to the outside , creating a large porch area which also has the function of large areas of shading windows in the summer period , the total cover occupies an area of ​​about 290 square meters.


Structural architectural design and D.L.


Viale C. Battisti , 3 - ( 62024 ) MATELICA ( MC )

via Montemorello , 20 - ( 62019 ) RECANATI ( MC )



New wooden building – Fermo (Subissati S.r.l.) Thu, 15 Oct 2015 00:00:00 +0100 Completion of the work of our expertise for the construction of a backbone wooden building for residential purposes .

The building delivered at an advanced raw " level finished externally " is located in the municipality of Fermo , in a residential and hilly area where the panorama offers a beautiful view of the historic center of Fermo , Sibillini mountains and the Adriatic coast.



The low-energy building has been made ​​for the part of our expertise in just four months , spread over the ground floors and a basement .

The construction system chosen by the client is " Platform Frame Subissati " type frame, the exterior finish with plaster , the roof covering in clay tiles .

The total area of the two plans for the part with wooden frame is about 320 square meters , in addition to the basement , with large terraced areas on the first floor for about 50 square meters and porches on the ground floor for about 60 square meters.


Client: private

Architectural design and construction management : Dott. Ing . Bruno Malavolta - Altidona ( FM )

Structural design : Dott . Ing . Andrea Montagna and Technical Department Subissati