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Best wishes for the forthcoming festivities.



A great Portopiccolo in Sistiana - TRIESTE (Subissati S.r.l.) Wed, 04 Dec 2013 00:00:00 +0100 Subissati has grouped together with Pratic spa to work on the largest private site currently open in Italy. The project involves the development of a residential complex named “Portopiccolo” in Sistiana province of Trieste in a former quarry on the coast. Our supply consists of the preparation of roofing in more than 350 terraces. The pergolas, which are all made-to-measure, were developed in lamellar wood imbued in an autoclave with mobile shading fabric cover. The quality of the Pratic and Subissati products were also chosen on the basis of their experience accrued in the development of structures on the coast.


Geographic location

Portopiccolo stands in a unique place, the most evocative of the northern Adriatic, bathed by crystal-clear water and framed in the wonderful cliffs joining the castle of Miramare with the castle of Duino. A few kilometres further south, we have Trieste with its multiple forms and cosmopolitan feel, the city at the heart of central Europe. Venice is 140 km away. From Portopiccolo, moving east is easy: by car or by sea, a few hours' travel takes you to the Slovenian and Croatian coasts. Portopiccolo tells its story in its many different facets: exciting panoramas to enjoy from the intimacy of one's home or from all corners of Portopiccolo; intense nature to be experienced amidst boat trips and golf courses, fun and passion to be enjoyed in the places that make this coast constantly stimulating. Places of the sea, but with the mountain watching their back. Short trips in the summer take us to the surrounding hills and valleys or alpine paths, the ideal destination for hikes, horse riding and mountain biking. By winter, the slopes of the famous ski resorts welcome those for whom snow is a must. Portopiccolo is well and truly alive 365 days a year.


The project

Portopiccolo is a little village with characteristics that make it unique in the Mediterranean. Designed to remedy a wound struck deep into the territory by centuries of excavation, replenishes the natural beauty of the existing coastline. Everything is created with an eye on energy saving and safeguarding the environment: constant use is made of renewable energies (geothermal and solar). The first homes rise up opposite the little harbour, around the town square and little workshops, before climbing up the sharp slopes and facing out over the new bay. Pebbled paths run around the swimming pool in a half coast and reach the terraced homes. From here, the view over the open sea is quite breathtaking. There are no cars; garages are underground. Only the boats enter your gaze, moored at the port. Portopiccolo is a place with two faces: meditative and ideal for relaxing, during the year, it offers various activities to those in search of movement, energy and experience in contact with nature.


The homes

In Portopiccolo every home is prestigious with a magnificent view over the sea, panoramas worth more than a thousand words can describe. Environments and layout of spaces differ to offer different solutions: from two-room flats to villas, considering the lifestyles of today. Homes to be enjoyed throughout all seasons, designed according to the highest criteria of environmental compatibility and comfortable living. Portopiccolo is a village offering excellent services, complete security and peace-of-mind for its guests.





The village homes

The village homes face out onto the port, with the sound and perfume of the sea very close at hand. The homes surround the little square with everything nearby. Amidst the streets are elegant little workshops representing the excellence and style that make this refined Portopiccolo a truly unique place. Restaurants are intimate offering excellent cuisine, where the quality of the raw materials and the creativity of the chef will ensure you enjoy a memorable meal. The club house, providing a meeting point for guests, is right in the heart of Portopiccolo.


For more information, visit the website

Welcome point Portopiccolo 040291291

Forthcoming development of detached Class A+ villa (Subissati S.r.l.) Fri, 22 Nov 2013 00:00:00 +0100 One of the coming developments for 2014 will involve the construction of a detached class A+ wooden villa in Sassoferrato, province of Ancona. The building will be delivered by our company with a turnkey solution.

Aspects relating to type and dimensions
The project entails the development of a homogeneous building comprising one floor above ground and one semi-basement floor, a sloping roof and a large portico. The rooms of the above-ground floor are to be used as housing and comprise a large dining/living room extending outside the portico, kitchen, hall and a separate night area with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The hall has a stairway leading down to the semi-basement floor where the garage, laundry room and boiler room are situated. The restructured building has a volume of 593.30 m3 and a maximum height of the fronts of 5.70 linear metres.

Bioclimatic aspects
From a bioclimatic viewpoint, it develops longitudinally near the south boundary with the views and entrances mainly on the north side, where most of the lot is also located, thereby privileging the panoramic aspect of the views to the detriment of a perhaps not optimal bioclimatic exposure. This penalisation is, however, overcome by envisaging a very well insulated building with double faces for the most important rooms (view north, light and warmth south). The building openings are located in positions able to ensure maximum efficiency of longitudinal and transversal ventilation. This will enable optimal summer cooling, enabling a provision for systems for winter heating only.

Structural aspects and thermal insulation
The semi-basement floor will be built from reinforced concrete. The above-ground floor will be built entirely with a wooden structure, with a view to minimising weight and holding the foundation structures, but above all to achieve a completely natural construction that is ecological and very well insulated indeed. A wooden framed structure is therefore envisaged (Platform Frame type), with a roof that does not overhang in wooden beams and planks. Insulation is achieved inside the structure with rock wool and outside with cladding in mechanically-fixed mineralised wood panels. The insulating cladding continues with polystyrene to also clad the semi-basement floor in reinforced concrete for the rooms heated against the earth.

The class A+ home, thermal system, renewable energy sources, energy class
The methane gas pipe line does not reach the site. In a bid to achieve maximum energy efficiency, the building is equipped with a radiating floor heating system powered by air-water electric heat pumps. To contribute towards the energy needs using renewable energy sources, the building is equipped with a photovoltaic plant on the pitch exposed to the south (where it is most concealed from view) for a surface area of 40 m2 and presumed power of 4 KW The contribution made by the photovoltaic plant in addition to the heating plant and, above all, the major insulation of the cladding with the elimination of the thermal bridges, gives the building an energy performance (Epi=27.22 KWh/m2) that is less than 25% of the legal limit, thereby corresponding to class A+ (see rel L.10).

LANDO PIERAGOSTINI sustainable architecture firm
Arch. Lando Pieragostini
Ing. Diego Federici
with the collaboration of: ing. Marina Poiani

Structural design:
Ing. Sandro Massi, Sassoferrato AN

Systems design and energy qualification:
Ing. Gianluca Serpilli, Ancona

Lamellar wood cover for the new swimming pool in Maiolati Spontini (AN) (Subissati S.r.l.) Wed, 30 Oct 2013 00:00:00 +0100 Installation has begun of the lamellar wood cover of the new swimming pool in Maiolati Spontini, Moie.

The wooden structure has a total surface area of the pitches of approximately 943 m2 and consists of main beams with two pitches anchored to reinforced concrete pillars with a lateral cantilever, girder beams, bracing beams and secondary purlins.

The two-pitch beams (tapered beam with dual slope and straight intrados) have a total length of approximately 27 ml with free width between supports of 24 linear metres. The height of the beam at the top is approximately 200 cm, whilst the supports measure approximately 95 cm.

The wooden structures are sized for service class 2 and must, at the same time, guarantee fire resistance of 30' (R30).

Montecarotto residential building (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 21 Oct 2013 00:00:00 +0100 Another beautiful detached villa was completed a few months ago, immersed in the beautiful Marche hills in the municipality of Montecarotto.

The project consists of the development of a residential building that develops over two floors above ground and an additional adjacent volume where a covered swimming pool is to be built.
The ground floor of the home has been organised to place the living area as a kitchen in the north-east of the building, separate from the dining area.
The living area extends for almost the whole depth of the building and is organised into two areas: one behind the large window that faces south, out onto the front garden and is characterised by a wall set up to screen the dining area behind it; the other is towards the steps connecting the two floors, where a fireplace and reading area has been positioned.
Again on the ground floor a fitness area has been set-up, featuring a large sliding window giving direct access to the covered swimming pool.
The upper floor gives the whole of the night area, organised with two large rooms at the ends with changing room and toilets. Both bedrooms have large sliding glass doors giving access to the extensive terrace facing out onto the garden.
The first floor is accessible by means of a linear stairway that runs parallel to a large double-height window, giving natural lighting to the part of the building exposed to the north.
The residence is served to the south-east by a pedestrian path the runs along a paved linear route to the building and is flanked by a long wall clad with irregular stone that shields the swimming pool behind it and holds its roofing.
To construct the building, the solid wood support panel technology was used in crossed layers and artificially dried - referred to as X-LAM type. The criss-cross layout of the longitudinal and transversal panels significantly increases static resistance.
The roofing of the swimming pool area was achieved using wooden beams that rest partly on the stone-clad wall and partly on the iron beams with coupled C-profiles anchored to iron pillars.

Construction characteristics of the detached homes of the Subissati Wooden Homes system:
- Construction type "XLAM";
- Reinforced concrete foundations
- Two-floor building with wooden support structure;
- Walls with 120 mm, 5-layer X-Lam panels
- Floors/ceilings with 160 mm thick plywood panels;
- Roofing with plywood and matchboard beam structure;
- Tiled roof;
- Total exterior perimeter wall surface on two floors approximately 220 m²;
- Mixed exterior cladding with plaster and stone;

Client: Private

Architectonic design: dott. arch. Nazzareno Petrini – collaborator dott. arch. Elisa Badiali

Structural design of reinforced concrete works structures: Studio Petrini-Solustri & partners

Structural design of wooden works: dott. Ing. Andrea Montagna Ufficio Tecnico Subissati srl

Technical lighting design: AD LUCE di Paparelli Paolo.

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A villa designed in the landscape. (Subissati S.r.l.) Wed, 16 Oct 2013 00:00:00 +0100 The detached wooden villa in the Macerata inland has been completed. The project was strongly influenced by the place of construction, privileging, with large windows and a fairly irregular floor plan, the view over the stunning Macerata hillsides. The entrance is in the centre of the two volumes relating to the nigh and day area, where we have the porticoes that create private outdoor covered spaces and shade the large windows.
The all-wooden construction has been developed using the "Subissati Platform Frame" system and works were completed in around 6 months.
The high energy efficiency building is independent in energy terms, using renewable energy sources, electrical heat pumps (no gas) powered by a built-in photovoltaic system.
We would like to thank Ivo and Martina for having given us the chance to develop this beautiful construction.
Subissati srl
Architectonic Design and Works Management Geom. Marco Porcorossi - Macerata

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Work begun on the San Savino nursery too in Montecolombo - RIMINI (Subissati S.r.l.) Tue, 17 Sep 2013 00:00:00 +0100 The nursery school of San Savino, in the municipality of Montecolombo, province of Rimini saw school start officially early September.
The wooden building boasts a total gross surface area of 605 m2, spread out over two floors, of which 315 m2 on the ground floor and 290 on the first floor.
It was created using the "Platform Frame" system; the support structure is fire resistant R60.

Istituto Diocesano per il Sostentamento del Clero della Diocesi di Rimini
Via IV Novembre, 35 – Rimini

Construction company:

Designer and Manager of Architectonic Works:
Dott. Arch. Massimo FRATERNALI

Designer and Manager of Structural Works:
Dott. Ing. Andrea MONTAGNA

Designer and Manager of Systems Works:
Dott. Ing. Gian Gustavo POMPEI

Designer and Manager of Acoustic Works:
Dott. Ing. Alberto Romagnoli

Previous news:

start of works for the installation of the wooden structure, news of 29 April 2013

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The wooden construction of the agricultural-nursery school "L'orto dei pulcini" has begun (Subissati S.r.l.) Tue, 27 Aug 2013 00:00:00 +0100 Monday, 26 August saw construction start on the agricultural-nursery school "L'orto dei pulcini" run by the "Lupini Larisa" agricultural business at Via Loretello 8, 60010 Ostra (AN).
The nursery school is built over a single floor with a total surface area of approximately 135 m2 and will welcome children aged from 1 to 3 years old.
We look to complete our works by early September, in order to hand the structure over to the companies in charge of dealing with the systems and finishes.

See the news on the project presentation.

We will let you know how the site evolves in our next newsletter. See you soon!

Arch Silvia Lupini
Arch. Antonella Semeghini
Geom. Gianfranco Barchiesi

Contact Azienda Agricola “Larisa Lupini"
Agrinido “L’orto dei pulcini”
Via Loretello, 8 – 60010 OSTRA (AN)
Mob. +39 338 7230537 – Tel. and fax +39 071 68407

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The "l'orto dei pulcini" agricultural-nursery school will be built using bio-construction techniques (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 15 Jul 2013 00:00:00 +0100 This coming autumn, the agricultural business "Lupini" will be opening its agricultural-nursery school "L'orto dei pulcini" in Ostra (AN) and our company has been assigned the task of building it with a safe, ecological wooden support structure, ensuring an excellent internal micro-climate, great comfort and anti-seismic result.
The “Agrinido di Qualità della Regione Marche” (Marche Region Quality Agricultural-Nursery school) is a social agricultural project financed by the Region Marche using regional funding, to give the agricultural sector the opportunity to provide the social services required by the territory. It has in fact now been proven that agriculture can make an important contribution to social issues and situations of difficulty and discomfort.
This project seeks to provide a response to the demand for nursery schools expressed by our territory and, above all, offer children aged from 1 to 3 years old, and their families, a high quality service, ensuring that they benefit from physical and psychological well-being.
The agricultural-nursery school is a proper nursery school to all intents and purposes, entirely incorporating the Regional Law on Services for Infants (Regional Law no. 9/2003 and Regional Regulation no. 13/2004), guaranteeing that all requirements laid down are met, including, for example, the qualification of the educators, the square metres per child, the ratio of educator/number of children, etc.; it also, however, has an essential added value for the quality of service, determined by the type of experience offered to the child.
The agricultural-nursery school is an "open-air nursery school" at which children spend a great deal of time outdoors, in contact with nature, the animals and the general life of the farm, immersed in the everyday activities.
They can enjoy constant contact with nature and try out the farm's works in complete safety: the vegetable garden, the garden, looking after the animals, harvesting the fruits of the earth and using them to make food, handling natural materials, playing outdoors in a safe, protected setting, at the same time encountering minor difficulties, the challenges of which will help increase the children's faith in themselves.
Moreover, it is also important to remember that it has now been proven that children who spend a great deal of time outdoors, in a healthy environment, stay healthier, as viruses and bacteria tend to propagate far more in closed environments.
The pedagogic method used is the Montessori method, which guarantees greater independence in the child and is ideal for application in a natural context.
Finally, the children will have the chance to eat the farm's produce, or that of other local businesses, which is all certified "organic farming".
The "Lupini" agricultural business has been run according to certified organic methods for almost ten years now, offering a vast, healthy natural environment because it is situated in a peaceful area, right in the heart of the countryside, along a quiet road. At the same time, in addition to a large woodlands area, it also has a vast variety of agricultural activities, which range from a vineyard to a vegetable garden, olive grove and fruit trees, as well as farmyard animals, sheep and bees.

Arch Silvia Lupini
Arch. Antonella Semeghini
Geom. Gianfranco Barchiesi

Contact Azienda Agricola “Lupini Larisa”
Agrinido “L’orto dei pulcini”
Via Loretello, 8 – 60010 OSTRA (AN)
Mob. +39 338 7230537 – Tel. and fax +39 071 68407


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Portonovo has its "Clandestino" back again (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 10 Jun 2013 00:00:00 +0100 Set amidst the beautiful bay of Portonovo, Moreno Cedroni's "Clandestino" has opened once again
After the tidal wave of 31 October 2012 that had destroyed "Clandestino", Moreno Cedroni's popular sushi bar in Portonovo, it has now been completely rebuilt, keeping to exactly the same size as before.
The whole of the support structure is in wood and the overhanging part of the restaurant terrace rests on 10-metre long oak wood poles secured into the rocks to avoid any use of cement, just as, in the same way, all floors and ceilings have also been created from wood.
Work began on removing the old structure early May and the bar re-opened in record time on Saturday 1 June; good luck Moreno and Mariella!
Architectonic designers: Dott. Arch. Emilio D’Alessio and Dott. Arch. Fabio Pandolfi
Structural designer: Dott. Ing. Paolo Medi

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