Subissati S.r.l. :: News it The first stone of the first school is laid - Folignano (AP) (Subissati S.r.l.) Tue, 09 Sep 2014 00:00:00 +0100 Saturday, 6 September saw the "laying of the first stone ceremony" for the first school of Folignano (AP).



The project involves the development of a building entirely created from lamellar wood measuring approximately 1000 m2, to house the new first school for the Municipality of Folignano (AP).



The building numbers 5 rooms each measuring approximately 80 m2 and a teaching room of approximately 70 m2, in addition to technical and miscellaneous rooms.


Our company will be dealing with the entire supply, starting from the foundation works and through to floor construction in a turnkey solution and all the outside and green areas, car parks, etc.


Definitive and executive design: Arch. Andrea Fratoni

Designer of the definitive drawings tendered: Arch. Francesca Romana Mancini - Manager of the Public Works Sector in Folignano Local Council (AP)

Proceedings Manager: Geom. Enrico Massi - Folignano Local Council (AP)

Tender commission: Arch. Francesca R. Mancini, Arch. Caterina Margione and Arch. Antonella Stuzzica.

Value of works: €1,576,058.00

Days' work: approximately 177


See the news of 24 March 2014 on the project presentation


Detached family home in Serra San Quirico (AN) completed (Subissati S.r.l.) Thu, 28 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0100 During the first few days of August, and in less than three months, a prefabricated wooden building has been completed to the great satisfaction of the clients.


The structure is located in a hilly area at the foot of Mount Murano in the municipality of Serra San Quirico, at approximately 500 m above sea level. The construction technology used is the "SUBISSATI PLATFORM FRAME SYSTEM", whilst foundations were built from reinforced concrete.


The building develops over a single floor for a surface area of approximately 110 m2 plus the external portico areas.



The excellent thermal insulation offered by the cladding, fixtures, elimination of thermal bridges and floor-installed radiating heating system powered by a heat pump, aim to pursue maximum energy efficiency for the building.



Client: private customer

Architectonic design: Arch. Cristina Piersigilli

Structural design: Dott. Ing. Andrea Montagna and the Subissati Technical Office




New semi-detached family home - Fermo (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 04 Aug 2014 00:00:00 +0100 One of the developments we are set to start in September will be the construction of a wooden semi-detached family home in Fermo.



The building consists of two, vertically divided property units. Each unit has two floors above ground, an attic floor and a basement floor.



The construction technology chosen to develop the building by the client is X-lam , the surface of the raised wooden floors is approximately 125 m2 for the first floor and 128 m2 for the attic floor.


Clients: private customers

Architectonic design: Studio Tecnico Malvatani - Fermo



Structural design of reinforced concrete works and Works Manager: Dott. Ing. Germano Stortini

Structural design of wooden works: Dott. Ing. Andrea Montagna and the Subissati Technical Office



CE certification obtained for metal structures (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 14 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0100 As usual, we are always up-to-date with standards regulating constructions.


As from 1 July 2014, for working metal support structure, the qualification certificate issued by the Central Technical Service of the Ministry for Infrastructures for metal carpentry transformation centres no longer sufficed, rather CE marking was compulsory.


Last 30 June, our company obtained that certification.


CE Certificate of Conformity of the factory production control 0398/CPR/MP/14.003

Manufacturer: Subissati srl

Plant: Via F.lli Lombardi, 6 – 60010 Ostra Vetere (AN)

Product: Steel metal structures

Execution class: EXC4

Intended purpose: execution of metal civil and industrial structures


The certification states that the above-listed products are subjected by the manufacturer to factory production control (FPC), initial type tests (ITT) and additional testing on samples taken in the factory in compliance with a prescribed programme of tests, that the Notified Body APAVE ITALIA CPM srl carried out the initial inspection of the plants and the factory production control and performs continuous monitoring as well as the assessment and approval of the factory production control, and that all provisions concerning the certification of the factory production control described in Annex ZA to standards EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 have been applied.



Click here to go to the certifications section of our website to download the certificate.


The tourist information and welcome centre has been opened. Corinaldo (AN) (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 07 Jul 2014 00:00:00 +0100 THE TOURIST INFORMATION AND WELCOME CENTRE HAS BEEN OPENED AT THE BIRTHPLACE OF S. MARIA GORETTI


Saturday, 5 July, after the mass celebrated by the Bishop of Jesi, S.E. Mons. Gerardo Rocconi, witnessed by Mayors and Administrators and authorities from the whole valley of Misa and Nevola, the Mayor of Corinaldo, Matteo Principi, Mons. Giuseppe Bartera, Luciano Neri, functionary of the Province of Ancona and our Sales Manager Francesco Subissati, the structure set to become the official home to the Tourist information and welcome centre was officially opened.



The work, designed by the Manager of the Public Works Sector of Corinaldo Local Council, Giliano Bizzarri, is a lamellar wood structure measuring more than 200 square metres for multi-purpose use. The structure boasts high technical quality: seismic safety, thanks to the Platform Frame construction design, low energy consumption and durable materials used for the structure, fit for the intended purpose. It is architectonic ally well integrated into the agricultural environment of Pregiagna and the luoghi gorettiani



Client: Corinaldo Local Council

Architectonic designer: geom. Giliano Bizzarrri, Public Works Sector Manager for Corinaldo Local Council

Structural Designer: Dott. Ing. Andrea Montagna and the Subissati Technical Office

Geologist: Fabrizio Mantoni


The detached family villa in Sassoferrato (AN) approaches its close (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 23 Jun 2014 00:00:00 +0100 Just one or two more weeks and works will be complete on the development of a detached family villa built from wood to class A+ in Sassoferrato, created by our company in a turnkey solution.


The site started early February is now approaching delivery. The outside of the building has bee completed apart from the parapets, whilst the sanitary fittings and taps remain to be installed inside.


The villa consists of one floor above ground, with a wooden support structure, and a semi-basement floor built from reinforced concrete. The roofing is pitched and ends with large portico near the living area.  



The inhabited part of the raised floor has been built entirely with a wooden structure, in order to develop an ecological, extremely well-insulated construction. The support structure is Platform Frame type, with visible wood roofing.


Given that there is no piped gas supply, and in order to pursue maximum energy efficiency, the building is equipped with a radiating under-floor heating system powered by electrical air-water heat pumps and a photovoltaic plant, enabling class A+ to be achieved.




LANDO PIERAGOSTINI studio di architettura sostenibile

Arch. Lando Pieragostini

Ing. Diego Federici

with the collaboration of: ing. Marina Poiani


Structural design:

Ing. Sandro Massi, Sassoferrato AN


Systems design and energy qualification:

Ing. Gianluca Serpilli, Ancona



See the news on the project presentation. 22 November 2013

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The latest Sparapani cellars (Subissati S.r.l.) Tue, 03 Jun 2014 00:00:00 +0100 Once works had been completed on the new Sparapani cellars, our company was involved in the construction stage of the building, with the supply and installation of approximately 400m2 lamellar wood roofing.


The wine-making company Sparapani is located right in the heart of Marche, in Cupramontana, the capital of Verdicchio, near the ancient hermitage of the Bianchi Friars.


The hermitage of the Bianchi Friars is an enchanted place. An ancient Camaldolese monastery with caves created in the tuff, which retains the magic of time and traditions intact. Here, the truly uncontaminated nature has welcomed and protected the prayers and work of the Bianchi Friars over the centuries, as they mainly dealt with forestry agronomy and agriculture. The area's farmers inherited a love for vine culture precisely from this place where peace and silence reign supreme. And this magical place has inspired the Sparapani family to develop great wines, the fruit of their work and passion.



The new cellars will be opening soon.

Wine-making company

Frati Bianchi Sparapani

via Barchio 12

60034 Cupramontana (An)



Multi-purpose "Vittoria" structure opened. Cingoli (MC) (Subissati S.r.l.) Fri, 02 May 2014 00:00:00 +0100 The multi-purpose structure named "Vittoria", constructed entirely from lamellar wood on behalf of Cingoli local council in Località Villa Strada, was opened late afternoon on Wednesday, 30th April. The opening ceremony took place in the traditional manner with music played by the Villa Strada band and a blessing by the parish priest, all witnessed by the Mayor, Filippo Saltamartini, the provincial councillor Mr Lippi, the School Headmistress, Emanuela Tarascio, the designer, Roberto Marchegiani, Francesco Subissati, in representation of the company's management, numerous local authorities and a great many members of the general public.




General approval was expressed particularly as concerns the timely completion and the overall speed of the works, just 30 days and a few hours was a hard deadline to meet, even for us, but with a great deal of commitment, technology and expertise, together with a professional works management, we successfully completed a work that we hope will fulfil the social purpose for which it was designed in the best possible way. The advantages of a wooden building have assured welcoming, comfortable rooms, reducing the time and cost of development.



Client: Cingoli Local Council


Proceedings and Works Manager: Ing. Fabrizio Santori, Cingoli Public Works Manager


Architectonic design: Geom. Roberto Marchegiani


Structural design: Ing. Mauro Fabrizi


Geologist: Daniele Stronati


Acoustic Technician: Ing. Matteo Centanni


Systems Technician: Ing. Pablo C. Perna


Safety Coordinator during Design and Execution: Arch. Maddalena Ferraioli


See the news of 19 February 2014 on the project presentation


See the news of 11 April 2014 on the start of the lamellar wood structure installation


Tourist welcome centre in its final stages. Corinaldo (AN) (Subissati S.r.l.) Thu, 17 Apr 2014 00:00:00 +0100 Works for the development of a wooden building in Via Pregiagna, Corinaldo are now in their final stages. The building will be used as a tourist welcome and information centre for the birthplace of Saint Maria Goretti in Corinaldo.


The installation of the wooden structure, which began early March, is now being completed with us currently working on the external areas, walkways and access points and the final finishing touches inside. We hope to deliver by the end of April.


The wooden structure measures more than 200 m2 laid out over a single floor. Its main characteristics include high seismic safety thanks to the Platform Frame construction system used, low energy consumption and durable materials used specifically with the intended purpose in mind.


Client: Corinaldo Local Council

Architectonic designer: Geom. Giliano Bizzarrri, Public Works Sector Manager for Corinaldo Local Council

Structural Designer: Dott. Ing. Andrea Montagna

Construction company: Subissati srl


See the news of 03 February 2014 on the project presentation


See the news of 13 March 2014 on the start of assembly of the wooden structure



Detached home - Montemarciano (AN) (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 14 Apr 2014 00:00:00 +0100 Another of our developments was completed a short time ago in Montemarciano (AN). We completed a wooden detached home flaunting contemporary architecture, which stands in a position from which sea views over the Adriatic can be enjoyed, as well as those over the gently rolling hills of the Marche inland.


The home measures approximately 160 m2 above ground and has a lamellar wood support structure; it also has a basement built from reinforced concrete. The structure has large glass doors shaded by motorised shades that allow light to be modulated inside the building. Externally, it has been clad using the typical white colour plaster of seafront structures.



Characteristics of the SUBISSATI detached wooden home construction:


- Construction type ‘PLATFORM FRAME SYSTEM’;


- Basement and foundations in reinforced concrete;


- Floor with wooden support structure;


- External perimeter wall transmittance 0.159 W/M2K (Class A) - 11.30 hour shift;


- Ventilated ceiling transmittance 0.190 W/M2K (Class A) - 11.40 hour shift;


- Tiled roof;


- Exterior perimeter wall surface ground floor approximately 160 m²;


- Roof surface approximately 220 m² with pitch;


- Exterior plasterwork;