Subissati S.r.l. :: News it Requalification of the educational facility - Vallefoglia (PU) (Subissati S.r.l.) Fri, 31 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +0100 Over the coming months, we will be working with Idratel on one of those projects which makes us particularly proud, namely the requalification of an educational facility, with extension of the kindergarten and construction of a new gymnasium with connected services.

The work will be carried out in the town of Vallefoglia (PU) in località Bottega di Colbordolo, a territory with a huge artistic, cultural and natural heritage, located at the crossroads between the regions of the Marche, Umbria and Tuscany.

The kindergarten will be extended, with three new sections, thus reaching a total surface area of 1300 m2, connected to the existing parts by a corridor with large picture windows, through which the flow of students will pass, thus also satisfying the school's  social function, as a meeting-place for the various students present in the facility.

A school with no clear separation between classrooms and corridors creates an environment where everything is informal and flexible, where the furnishings and the walls can be used to create temporary and variable configurations.

The classrooms open onto an external paved area bordered by wooden trusses and pillars which can support sliding covers to create covered spaces looking out onto the garden, thus increasing the possibilities of use even in bad weather, for multi-class lessons and observations which encourage the students to come together and share interests.

The 800 m2 indoor gymnasium will be located close to the primary school, but will be used by all the schools at the facility.

The design of the external spaces reflects the characteristics of the landscape and the paved walkways therefore follow the directions of the volume and those of the landscape, with constant reference to the surrounding plain, used to grow crops and therefore geometrically designed by human hands.

All the structures will be constructed with lamellar wood using "Subissati Platform Frame" construction technology, with fire resistance of R60.

The systems aspect is equally impressive: photovoltaic system, high-efficiency heat pump, floor heating system and a storage boiler for the production of hot water complete a building which will be in energy class A4 almost zero energy and therefore with an extremely low energy impact and highly sustainable.



Client: Town Council of Vallefoglia


Proceedings Manager: Mr. Lorenzo Gai

Instructor: Mr. Massimo Martelli

Architectonic design: Mr. Marco Turchi/Mr. Francesco Valentini/ Ms. Elisa Romagnoli / Mr. Andrea Montagna (subissati S.r.l.)

Structural design: Mr. Roberto Ortolani

Systems design: Mr. Massimiliano Bruni

Safety coordinator during the design phase: Mr. Renato Montesi

Safety coordinator during the performance phase: Mr. Renato Montesi

Fire safety design: Mr. Renato Montesi

Coordinator of the various specialised services: Mr. Renato Montesi


500 times with the same enthusiasm! (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 06 Mar 2017 00:00:00 +0100


We are proud to announce that our company has exceeded the threshold of 500 wooden buildings delivered. Each building requires the intervention of various specialists for its construction and that is why we want to say thank you 500 times to our collaborators: designers, sales managers, administrative managers, production technicians, work site technicians and also the customers who have chosen us to make their dream come true. Our company is able to satisfy our customers' different needs due to the in-house group of professionals, who still approach their work, from the design to the executive and building site phase, with the same intensity and enthusiasm with which our very first house was built. This is what sets us apart: customer satisfaction, design ability, research and innovation and construction experience.

Each construction developed differs from the others in its design, dimensions and characteristics; each building has been created to meet the demands of the client and designers. The building characteristics are analysed and designed according to intended purpose: residential, school, public and business. We liaise each time with the designer and the customer to choose the best construction technology for the project: Platform Frame - X-lam - Post and Beam - Blockhouse etc. 

This is how we ensure excellent performance in terms of characteristics such as fire resistance or improved performance in use at specific times of the year with different weather conditions.

Despite the particularly difficult economic situation in the construction industry, wooden homes continue to show a positive growth trend, confirming the validity of our construction technology.



Ussita: We’re here and the council building is taking shape! (Subissati S.r.l.) Fri, 24 Feb 2017 00:00:00 +0100 It has been less than one week since the work started on the new structure for public use for Ussita Local Council. The construction will be used to house employees once again and thus satisfy the needs of the town's citizens. We have completed construction of the external part, the roof and the internal partition walls.

The final building will have one storey and a surface area of around 200 m2.

The final external covering with larch wood slats, an extremely durable material which enhances the architectural appearance, has also been completed.

The construction, built using "Platform Frame" technology, will have low energy consumption and is safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Contractor: Local Council of Ussita (MC) - Mayor Mr. Marco Rinaldi

Safety coordinator during the performance phase: Ms. Silvia Desantis

Proceeding Manager and Technical Office Manager: Ms. Patrizia Ortensi



See the news on the start of works


Ussita starts again with the local council offices (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 20 Feb 2017 00:00:00 +0100 We have just started assembling the bearing structures and we are working hard to satisfy the needs of the Local Council of Ussita, one of the towns most heavily hit during the recent earthquakes, in order to deliver a new structure for public use, which will house the new municipal offices, in just a few days.

This is the final building, which will have one storey and a surface area of 200 m2.

The final external covering will be larch wood slats, an extremely durable material which enhances the architectural appearance.

The construction nestles in the magnificent surroundings of the Marche Apennines.  The new building, constructed using "Platform Frame" technology, will be efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable and with low energy consumption.

Contractor: Local Council of Ussita (MC) - Mayor Mr. Marco Rinaldi

Safety coordinator during the performance phase: Mr. Silvia Desantis

Proceeding Manager and Technical Office Manager: Mr. Patrizia Ortensi


Paolo Subissati on the new board of directors of Assolegno of FerderlegnoArredo (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 23 Jan 2017 00:00:00 +0100 The chairman of the board of directors of Subissati srl, Mr. Paolo Subissati, will be a member of the new board of directors of Assolegno gruppo Costruttori in legno di FederlegnoArredo.

During the morning of Thursday, 19 January 2017, in Maranello (MO) at the Maranello Village, the shareholders' meetings of all the Assolegno Groups were held and choose their representatives.

During the afternoon, Emanuele Orsini, the outgoing chairman, presented a full report on the work of the board of directors over the last three years, summarising all the successes of each Group and listing the projects which are still ongoing and which the newly elected board will continue.

The new chairman of the board of directors was also elected during the first meeting: MARCO VIDONI.

The members of the new Assolegno Board of Directors are:
Gruppo Prime Lavorazione Legno

Milena De Rossi (Camillo De Rossi & C. Snc) - Representative Director
Marco Vidoni (Fratelli Vidoni Srl) - Vice Representative Director
Domenico Ierace (Societa' Agricola Forestale Ierace Domenico Sas) - Vice Representative Director
Stefano Cattoi (Magnifica Comunita' Fiemme Spa) - Observer

Gruppo Grandi Strutture e Legno Lamellare
Paolo Bentivoglio (Moretti Construction System Srl) - Representative Director
Claudio Rustioni (Rubner Holzbau Spa) - Vice Representative Director
Albino Angeli (X Lam Dolomiti Srl) - Vice Representative Director
Ilario Albertani (Albertani Corporates Spa)  - Observer

Gruppo Costruttori in Legno
Attilio Bellucco (Cammi Group Spa) - Representative Director
Paolo Subissati (Subissati Srl) - Vice Representative Director
Mauro Zennaro (Zennaro Giuseppe Legnami Sas) - Vice Representative Director
Markus Damiani  (Damiani - Holz & KO Spa) - Observer 

Gruppo Case ed Edifici in Legno
Angelo Marchetti (Marlegno Srl) - Representative Director
Alessandro Lacedelli (PHP Rubner Objektbau srl) - Vice Representative Director
Emanuele Orsini (Sistem Costruzioni Srl) - Vice Representative Director (Past P.)
Aldo Dattomi (Legnotech Spa) - Observer



The President of the Republic visits a Subissati school - Acquasanta Terme (AP) (Subissati S.r.l.) Thu, 15 Dec 2016 00:00:00 +0100 During the morning of Thursday 15th, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, visited the new "Berardo Tucci" school of Acquasanta Terme (AP), accompanied by the local authorities and our Deputy Characteristics, Francesco Subissati, who explained the work characteristics.



The first definitive school to be built in the areas struck by last August’s earthquake, opened last 28 November. An efficient, anti-seismic, eco-sustainable construction built in just 35 days.







 See the news of 28 November 2016 on the “school opening”




The new school in Acquasanta Terme (AP) is inaugurated (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 28 Nov 2016 00:00:00 +0100 The work has been performed thanks to the contribution of UBI Banca, in an agreement with the Confederazione delle Misericordie d’Italia and the municipal authority, with the coordination of the Education Ministry and the assistance of the army and Subissati srl, and the structure will replace the one which was declared unfit for use after the earthquake on 24 August this year.


Milan, 27 November 2016 – Three months after the earthquake in the area, the youngsters of Acquasanta Terme are leaving the tents in which they started the school year and moving to the new, definitive structure.


The new kindergarten and primary school have been built thanks to the contribution of UBI Banca, the Confederazione delle Misericordie d’Italia and Subissati srl, as well as with the participation of the army, which handled the urbanisation operations. All the work involved was coordinated with the municipal authority and with the Education Ministry.


Alongside the mayor of Acquasanta Terme, Sante Stangoni, and the Councillor for Tourism, Culture and Education Services, Elisa Ionni, the inauguration was attended by the Education Minister, Stefania Giannini, the Chairman of the Management Board of UBI Banca, Letizia Moratti, the President of Confederazione Nazionale delle Misericordie d’Italia, Roberto Trucchi, the President of the Marche Regional Authority, Luca Ceriscioli, the President of Anci Marche, Maurizio Mangialardi, and the Bishop of Ascoli Piceno, Mons. Giovanni d’Ercole and other authorities, including Brigadier General Sergio Santamaria, representing the soldiers who worked at the building site, representatives of the Civil Protection service and Francesco Subissati, owner of the company of the same name which built the new structure.


UBI Banca covered the reconstruction costs, by donating the amount needed to the Confederation, which also operates to support the Civil Protection service with equipped and trained groups and is already active in the area with other projects, as it possesses the necessary skills and know-how.


In order to encourage its own clients and others to participate, UBI Banca issued a dedicated Social Bond for a total value of Euro 40 million on 15 November. Placement will terminate on 7 December and UBI Banca will donate 0.5% of the nominal amount subscribed.


Subissati srl is a company specialised in wooden structures and houses and has already designed and constructed two schools in the province of Ascoli Piceno over the last year, with a high technological content and prestigious architectural and structural content, and the safety of these schools buildings was promptly confirmed during the earthquake.


The army was also involved in building the new school, with soldiers from the Engineering Corps, who completed all the urbanisation work within the planned times, including the foundation platform, connections to utilities and all parking areas. The structure in Acquasanta Terme is the third to be completed by the army for construction of school buildings after the earthquake on 24 August. This contribution was possible due to use of the specialist organisations of the Engineering Corps, since the Italian Armed Forces, in addition to their strictly military role, are also able to intervene to assist the civilian population in the case of public catastrophes.



The new school, built under the guidance of engineer Nicola Fredducci, is a certified braced lamellar wood frame structure with Platform Frame walls, anti-seismic and with high energy efficiency, with particular focus on energy from renewable sources (there will be a 15 KW photovoltaic installation on the roof). The architecture will be inserted harmoniously into the surrounding landscape and enhanced with external finishes in larch wood. A structure providing almost 1000 m2 for the school and 3000 m2 of green areas for the students of Acquasanta.





For further information


UBI Banca Media Relations


Tel +39 027781 4213 - 4932 - 4936





Ufficio Comunicazione Confederazione Nazionale Misericordie d’Italia,


Giuliana Cantini 3387458821-Chiara Parenti 3496648615










The new Socciarelli school in Ancona is inaugurated (Subissati S.r.l.) Mon, 17 Oct 2016 00:00:00 +0100 On Saturday, 15 October 2016, the extension for the Socciarelli school in the Collodi eduction institute was inaugurated, in a festive climate and in the presence of the highest city authorities, the school principal and retired managers, who did not want to miss the occasion, teachers, parents and students.


The structure harmoniously combines an extravagant architecture with a high-quality technological and structural content, helping to raise the standard of the wooden structures and houses our company manufactures.


Collodi School is the starting point for new buildings which must combine attractiveness with safety and efficiency with quality. We have invested a great deal here" says Paolo Subissati, "we have invested in the future of our children and, most importantly, we firmly believe in the present and the future of wooden buildings.”


Almost Zero Energy, strategic and anti-seismic buildings, high-quality materials and acoustic and climatic internal comfort make us proud," says an emotional Francesco Subissati, "and we are satisfied with this work, which was completed in just 100 days in total compliance with workplace safety regulations. The Ancona Municipal Authority was right to invest in schools and public thanks are due to it: the professionalism and constant presence at the building site of the staff of the municipal technical office contributed to making this objective possible and to achieving it."





Contractor: Ancona Municipal Authority - Ms. Valeria Mancinelli (Mayor)


Proceeding Manager: Mr. LUCIANO LUCCHETTI (engineer)


Works Manager: Mr. RICCARDO BORGOGNONI (engineer), collaborator Mr. LUCIANO STEFANELLI (surveyor)


Designers: Consultec soc. coop. and Subissati srl Technical Office


Architecture: Mr. Matteo Sarti (architect), collaborator Mr. Simone Antinori (architect)


Systems: Mr. Gianluca Serpilli (engineer)


Safety: Mr. Omero Bassotti (engineer)


Structures: Mr. Andrea Montagna (engineer) - Subissati Technical Office





 See the news of 17 May 2016 on the project presentation



See the news of 13 September 2016 on "working progress"




The new “Nicola Amici” secondary school in Acquasanta Terme (AP) is inaugurated (Subissati S.r.l.) Thu, 15 Sep 2016 00:00:00 +0100 The new "Nicola Amici" school was inaugurated in Acquasanta Terme (AP) yesterday, in an extremely sombre ceremony, by the president of the regional authority, Luca Ceriscioli, the vice president, Anna Casini, the mayor, Sante Stangoni, and the president of BIM Tronto, Luigi Contisciani, in the presence of the students, teachers and school principal Patrizia Palanca, assisted by two Education Ministry officials, and blessed by the Bishop of Ascoli Mons. Giovanni D’Ercole. Numerous mayors from other local towns were also present, including the mayors of Monteprandone, Montegallo, CastelSantangelo sul Nera, Francavilla D’ete and, in a gesture of solidarity, the mayor of Tavullia with a delegation of technicians


Paolo and Francesco Subissati represented the building firm at the ceremony, describing the unusual characteristics of the building in terms of energy efficiency, seismic safety, quality of the materials, fire resistance and healthy internal micro-climate.




Customer: Acquasanta Terme (AP) Municipal Authority


Proceeding Manager: Mr. Stefano Lo Parco (architect)


Works management: Mr. Andrea Corradetti (architect)


Safety coordinator during the performance phase: Mr. Massimo Brasili (engineer)


Architectural design: Mr. Pierfrancesco Paradisi (architect) - Subissati Technical Department


Systems design: Mr. Renato Montesi (engineer) – Systems designer Massimiliano Bruni


Structural design: Mr. Roberto Ortolani (engineer) - Studio Tecnico Associato S.T.A. di Landi, Ortolani e Santinelli  






  See the news of 06 September 2016 on the completion of works




The new "Socciarelli" School takes shape. A multi-storey lamellar wood building. Ancona (Subissati S.r.l.) Tue, 13 Sep 2016 00:00:00 +0100 Just a few days remain for completion of the multi-storey lamellar wood building which will house the new Socciarelli school, ahead of the planned delivery times in just 100 days.


The structure is an extension of the existing Collodi institute in Via della Montagnola in Ancona. The school has three above-ground storeys with a structure in which the three volumes have projecting parts and different layouts, to create plays of light and shade, also enhanced by the different colours and coverings used on the façades.


The classrooms will also be extremely comfortable, thanks to use of  natural lighting where possible and strong acoustic insulation guaranteed by specific technical solutions, as well as optimal air quality guaranteed by the high-efficiency controlled mechanical ventilation systems.


The construction system used is a lamellar wood ''Post and Beam'' frame with rigid-diaphragm flooring with lamellar wood panels.


The technological part of the systems is also latest generation and combines with the highly insulated cladding to guarantee the maximum energy class, i.e. class A4 - almost zero energy.


The technologies used are:


Photovoltaic solar panel system;


Heat pump system;


Low-inertia floor heating and cooling;


Mechanical ventilation system;


Technological plant supervision system;


Led lighting.



Contractor: Ancona Municipal Authority - Ms. Valeria Mancinelli (Mayor)


Proceedings Manager: Mr. LUCIANO LUCCHETTI (engineer)


Works Manager: Mr. RICCARDO BORGOGNONI (engineer), collaborator Mr. LUCIANO STEFANELLI (surveyor)


Proceeding Manager: Mr. LUCIANO LUCCHETTI (engineer)


Designers: Consultec soc. coop. and Subissati srl Technical Office


Architecture: Mr. Matteo Sarti (architect), collaborator Mr. Simone Antinori (architect)


Systems: Mr. Gianluca Serpilli (engineer)


Safety: Mr. Omero Bassotti (engineer)


Structures: Mr. Andrea Montagna (engineer - Subissati Technical Office)






See the news of 17 May 2016 on the project presentation